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A’pexi AX53B70-P21 Ball Bearing Twin Turbo kit
Used for appx  4400miles only. (7100kms used over 3yr period.)
Customer changed his mind and went for a larger turbo setup.
He was producing 680whp @ 1.8bar (26psi) on Japanese pump premium gas. (appx. 98octane I believe).
His setup was with HKS V-cam pro, Link G4, HKS stainless Turbo outlets, Sard High flow catalyzer, and Nismo exhaust. Long block was stock.
This was used on BNR34 ( R34 ) Skyline GT-R, but you can use the kit on BNR32, and BCNR33, and WGNC34 Stagea 260RS.
Turbos are rated 400hp each (@crankshaft), so I think 680whp was about maxed out. It was strikingly fast, but he wanted more for his drag race use.
This kit MSRP was 448000yen (appx $4250usd), and was one of  the most expensive bolt on twin turbo kits available for the RB26DETT engine in Japan.
Turbos are IHI units and has the AIRICK to have nearly zero tolerances between intake wheels and the housings to have the highest efficiency possible.
Quickest spool for the output range.
These turbos are now discontinued and they are nearly impossible to find!
If you are looking for a rare set for your GT-R that outperforms all other competitors, this set would be it!
It comes with oil lines, water lines. All metal gaskets are in good shape and you can still reused them as they don’t really have much uses.
No shaft play and no leaks whatsoever. Great condition. Smooth ball bearings and it spins very lightly and freely.
They will serve you for a long time.  Honestly if I had these, I would have kept them over 1000hp setup as it’s still usable and more fun on street than a larger turbo setup.
I see people often try to get 1000hp range just cuz, then get let down by the result as they are hard to use.(and it costs significantly more to go that far as well..especially on a RB26)
These sets are about as much as a stock RB26DETT can handle for prolonged use without major changes to them such as conrods, pistons, and studs..etc, so I would say they are maxing out the potential of your RB26DETT with bare minimum cost.
Highly recommend to use it with V-cam setup as it significantly quickens the spool up time. (by appx 1500rpm lower, and far far easier to drive)
Priced accordingly to the condition of these units. Considering what you get out of them, I think the price is cheap. (and the fact that you can no longer get them any more + they are quite rare as they were the most expensive kits out there. Not many people actually bought them)

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